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Bourbon Style Whiskey.
Made in Israel.

The pioneering spirit, which turned a national dream to reality and continues to inspire its development, reverberates within each detail of LEGENDS.


Generations of frontiersmen cleared and levelled the craggy terrain and irrigated the sun-parched earth, awakening it from its two-millennia-long slumber, and transforming it into a blossoming oasis. Following their footsteps, the inhabitants of this ancient land have continually reinvented the limits of possibility. In a nation shaped by sheer determination and grit, victory over seemingly insurmountable odds echoes throughout the corridors of this venerable land.


Our distillery is situated on the site of David’s legendary battle with Goliath, and finds profound expression in our flagship product, SLINGSHOT.


Through our unique recipe, concentrated in small, domestically produced grains, and our detail-oriented aging and mellowing process, we are creating an eminently enjoyable American-style whiskey, the very first of its kind from this biblical region. Its rich amber color and velvety texture highlight this perfectly smooth and well-balanced offering. Its robust, complex flavor and earthy notes will transport you back in time, while affording your palette a warm, lingering finish you won’t soon forget.

It is man’s indomitable spirit to which we pay homage, our belief in what can be achieved through perseverance and irrepressible courage, of which LEGENDS are born.

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