Bourbon is in the Air

Planning our new bourbon vision

Life in the Judean Hills is filled with informal social clubs—poker players, football watchers, even ladies who lunch. But my group is different. About once a month, we get together with a bottle of bourbon and a box of cigars. We sit on the porch, light the stogies, and watch the smoke float and dissipate through the air. The smoke mixes with the scent of bourbon, creating a magnificent aura that reminds me how good it feels to be alive.

It is a night like this when I am sitting with Alan. The others on the porch are debating the merits of the different US presidential candidates, but as Alan and I generally stay away from politics, our conversation centers around the velvety texture of the Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon. I am sure we sound as pretentious as wine aficionados, but we have no need to apologize. Here on the porch, on a warm summer night, through the haze of cigar smoke, we are free to be as pretentious as we care to be.

The conversation shifts, as it often does, to talking about Israel. But tonight’s conversation is different. One of us connects our love of bourbon to our love of Israel. And there, enveloped in the wonderful haze of cigar smoke, we start to talk about a distillery in Israel that will one day produce an American-style whiskey. It is the nascent step of Legend’s Distillery.

That conversation kicked off a journey—one that would take us thousands of miles deep into the Kentucky Bourbon trail. Throughout that journey, Alan and I have studied all aspects of bourbon production. We have met incredible master distillers and coopers, and passionate partners who are helping us make this dream come to life. Legend’s Distillery is real.

Become part of the Legend’s Distillery story. Contribute to our Indiegogo campaign, and turn Legend’s Distillery into a reality.

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