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Bourbon, America’s native spirit, has experienced resurgence in recent years, and is now enjoying unprecedented popularity in Europe and Asia as well. In the United States, distributors and retailers are struggling to keep up with burgeoning demand, scampering for additional offerings, even from regions beyond American borders. In response, many small, “boutique” bourbon distilleries have begun operating across the country. In Kentucky alone (the traditional birthplace of “bourbon”), the number of licensed distilling companies has more than tripled since 2012, testifying to raging demand. Store shelves are sporting increasing numbers of bourbon-like whiskeys from many other states. This is true of European and Asian stores as well, where it is no longer uncommon to find a handful of American bourbons adorning the shelves of finer establishments. This increased international interest in American whiskey has developed concomitantly with a profound willingness on the part of the American consumer to experiment with American-style whiskies from non-traditional sources and regions.

In Israel, by contrast, the spirits market has traditionally been dominated by very few, locally manufactured, poor-quality and inexpensive brandies and liqueurs on one extreme, and prohibitively expensive imported whiskeys on the other. For a long time, these imports have been enjoyed exclusively by a very small number of privileged individuals. Along with Israel’s recent emergence as a world leader in technology, agriculture and commerce, and its younger and more globally-minded generation coming of age, the Israeli palette has become increasingly more sophisticated. This is evidenced by the recent proliferation of new Israeli boutique breweries and wineries, many boasting world-class offerings.

Liquor stores, restaurants and bars across the country have also begun to offer a much larger variety of medium-to-high priced liquors. However, the stubbornly high price of imported quality whiskeys on the one hand, relegating the consumption of such spirits to only special occasions, and the developing, more refined Israeli palette on the other, have resulted in a wide discrepancy in the marketplace, a void that would be well served by a locally produced, smooth and sophisticated bourbon - style spirit. Moreover, the recent emergence of a significant international cocktail culture has created an additional niche begging to be addressed. In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv alone, several top-rated, world class cocktail bars have recently begun catering to Israeli society’s refined palette, while utilizing American bourbon as a base in over 30% of their mixed drinks.

Tel Aviv Coastline

SLINGSHOT, a robustly flavored, expertly engineered, smooth-sipping whiskey, appeals to the Israeli social drinker on the one hand, and the American bourbon drinker on the other. The confluence of American tradition and Israeli ingenuity, of American quality and Israeli irrepressibility, finds its expression in this singular libation.

We aim to produce an internationally distributed “bourbon” whiskey whose smoothness and deep robust flavor resembles a modern American whiskey, yet with an ancient spirit. Our branding, design, packaging and marketing approach employs imagery that evokes the pioneering spirit which helped tame the American frontier, and did the same in Israel. Our product’s branding and packaging, as well as its unmistakable quality, will make it indispensable on the shelves of the bourbon connoisseur as well as that of the casual drinker.

Our consulting team, boasting over 100 combined years of bourbon manufacturing experience, has designed a unique, eco-friendly and cost efficient manufacturing process which, together with our unique climate and daily temperature fluctuations, will enable us to move our freshly distilled spirit in and out of our state-of-the-art aging facility within a relatively short period of time, while imparting a rich flavor, amber color and velvety texture commonly characteristic of much longer-matured spirits. This greater speed to market will enable us to not only meet our revenue expectations much quicker, but will allow us to introduce several additional variations of our quality spirit to the marketplace within the next few years as well.

In addition to composing a whiskey of eminent quality, we strive to encourage not only pride in local production, but also, local appreciation of whiskey as more than just an occasional indulgence. It is our intention to not only produce a world-class whiskey coveted by connoisseurs across the globe, but to insert it as well into the very social fabric of Israeli society, thereby redefining how Israelis view and partake of their alcoholic beverages.

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