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Creating Israel's very first American-style Whiskey

A once in a lifetime opportunity

The global demand for whiskeys continues to grow rapidly, making the whiskey market extremely lucrative for investors.

Bourbon, the distinctly American corn-based whiskey, is also on the rise, in what Fortune Magazine is calling “The billion-dollar bourbon boom”. Bourbon sales are showing significant growth over the last decade.

We want to create Israel’s first American-style Whiskey distillery, hoping to trail blaze the Israeli whiskey palate and bring an added level of sophistication to the Israeli cocktail culture just starting to take off.

Our American Whiskey, entitled Slingshot, is a clear reference to the legendary battle between David and Goliath that took place a stone’s throw away from our proposed location.

We are extremely confident that Slingshot will win the hearts and palates of Israel, resulting in an exciting investment opportunity for you.


Our story

Our American-style Whiskey will be crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients including natural spring water from Ella Valley region of Israel.

The locally obtained water will make for high quality, locally produced whiskey. While corn is not traditionally an Israeli grain, we have farmland in an area where we will grow our own; the land in that area is very suitable for corn.

We’ve partnered with an award-winning distiller from the USA, whose proprietary aging process will allow production of a fine, high quality spirit in a small fraction of the time it would normally require.

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